Wen Chen, PhD, Professor

Wen Chen, Tenured Professor

IEEE ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer

Editor, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications

Editor, IEEE Transactions on Communications

Associate Editor, IEEE Access

Chair, IEEE VTS Shanghai Chapter

Board Member, Shanghai Institute of Electronics

Supervisor, China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone

Director, Institute for Signal Processing and Systems

Past Chairman, SJTU Interllectual Property Corporation

Past Dean, Guilin University of Electronic Technology


He received BS and MS from Wuhan University, China in 1990 and 1993 respectively, and PhD from University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo, Japan in 1999. He was a JSPS fellow in the University of Electro-Communications from 1999 through 2001. In 2001, he joined University of Alberta, Canada, starting as a PIMS post-doctoral fellow and then as a research associate. Since 2006, he has been a full professor in the Department of Electronic Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, where he is also the director of Institute for Signal Processing and Systems. During 2014-2015 he was the dean of the school of Electronics Engineering and Automations, Guilin University of Electronic Technology. During 2016-2018 he is the chairman of SJTU Intellectual Property Management Corporation.

Dr. Chen received Ariyama Memorial Research Award in 1997, JSPS Fellowship in 1999 and PIMS Fellowship in 2001. He received the honors of “New Century Excellent Scholar in China” in 2006 and “Pujiang Excellent Scholar in Shanghai” in 2007. He received the best service award of Chinese Institute of Electronics and the best paper award of Chinese Information Theory Society in 2013, the Best Presenation Paper Awards of Chinese  Information Theory Society in 2014, Shanghai Master Thesis Supervision Award, the Innovate 5G Competition Award and IEEE WCSP best paper award in 2015, IEEE APCC Keynote Speaker Appreciation in 2016, IEEE VTS Chapter-of-the-Year Award, Excellent PhD Thesis Supervision Award of Chinese Institute of Communications, and IEEE ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer in 2018, Excellent Researcher of Chinese Institute of Electronics in 2019.

Dr. Chen is the editors of IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, IEEE Transctions on Communications, and IEEE Access, He is the chair of IEEE VTS Shanghai Chapter. Dr. Chen is the TPC chairs and General Chairs for many IEEE sponsored conferences. He has published 95 papers in IEEE journals and more than 120 papers in IEEE conferences. His interests cover multiple access, coded cooperation, green heterogeneous networks, and vehicular communications.

陈文(Wen Chen),上海交通大学长聘教授,博士生导师,IEEE杰出讲师,上海交通大学信号处理与系统研究所所长,上海先进通信与数据科学研究院特聘研究员,中国(上海)自由贸易实验区创业导师,IEEE车载技术学会上海分会主席,上海市电子学会理事兼信号处理专业委员会主任,担任《IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications》编委,《IEEE Transactions on Communications》编委,和《IEEE Access》编委。曾任桂林电子科技大学电子工程与自动化学院院长,上海交通大学知识产权管理有限公司董事长/法定代表人。多年来一直从事绿色移动多址接入异构网络的研究,承担国家自然科学基金5项,国家973课题2项,国家863项目1项和国家重大专项2项,在IEEE杂志和会议发表论文200余篇,论文引用4000余次,获得的奖励和荣誉如下。

  • 2019年 全球预商用5G产业峰会“主旨演讲人”

  • 2019年 东方卫视“5G专题对话专家”

  • 2019年 中国电子学会“优秀科技工作者”荣誉称号。

  • 2018年 IEEE通信学会“杰出讲师”

  • 2018年 IEEE车载技术学会“年度最杰出分会主席奖“

  • 2017年 中国通信学会“优秀博士论文奖”

  • 2016年 IEEE亚太通信大会 “主旨演讲人”

  • 2015年 上海市“优秀学位论文奖”

  • 2015年 创新亚洲5G大赛“杰出导师奖”

  • 2015年 IEEE无线通信与信号处理大会“最优论文奖”

  • 2014年 中国电子学会 “信息论最佳报告奖“

  • 2013年 中国电子学会“先进工作者”称号

  • 2013年 中国电子学会“信息论最优论文奖”

  • 2007年 上海市“浦江人才计划”

  • 2006年 教育部“新世纪优秀人才计划”

  • 1997年 日中科技交流协会“有山纪念研究奖励赏”