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  • Lab is funded by National Key Project (实验室获得国家重点研发计划6G课题

  • Lab is funded by National Science Foundation of China (实验室获得国家自然科学基金面上项目)

  • Lab is funded by Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality (实验室获得上海市科委基础研究课题)

  • Wen Chen is selected to the Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE Vehicular Technology Society(陈文被选为IEEE VTS杰出讲师)

  • Wen Chen is invited to give lecture on Mathematics for Information Sciences in Zhiyuan Salon of our University(陈文被邀请在我校“致远沙龙”主讲“信息科学中的数学”)

  • Wen Chen is invited to edit a special issue on B5G/6G coding and access technology in CIE member communications(陈文被邀请为《中国电子学会会员通讯》编辑“B5G/6G编码与接入”专辑)

  • Wen Chen is invited to edit a special issue on B5G/6G transmission and access technology in the Journal of Xidian University.(陈文被邀请为《西电学报》编辑“B5G/6G传输与接入”专辑)

  • Two PhD Alumni are selected to the top 10 outstanding students graduated in the recent 10 years in the information and communications engineering of our department (两位博士毕业生被选为信息与通信工程专业近10年毕业的最杰出的10位学生)

  • Wen Chen received the Chapter Outstanding Technical Achievement Award from IEEE Vehicular Technology Society(陈文获IEEE VTS分会杰出技术成就奖)

  • Wen Chen is publicized by the first volume of  Member Communications of CIE 2020 (2020年第1期《中国电子学会会员通讯》宣传了陈文)

  • Wen Chen has a paper included in ESI highly cited paper (陈文1篇论文入选ESI高被引论文,陈文连续4年每年都有高被引论文,2019,2018,2017对电子系的贡献率分别为1/3,1/2,1/4)